Distilling Whisky, Gin, Vodka and Brandy

Henstone Whisky is here!!

Henstone whisky bottle and glass

Finally, after 3 long years, our first whisky has started flowing! The first bottling batch had been mainly pre-sold and then the remaining bottles were snapped up from our online shop within hours of release. We are about to bottle from the next cask and these bottles will go on sale very soon. We expect these bottles to sell out too, but over the coming months we will be emptying casks as they hit the 3 + year mark. Keep an eye on our website and social media if you wish to grab a bottle as and when they become available.

Virtual Tours Now Available!

Enjoy a tour of Henstone Distillery from the comfort of your own home! Have a look at our product page and or shop for details.

Our London Dry Gin won “Best in Britain 2020”

Henstone London Dry Gin and GlassHead over to our SHOP now and get yourself a bottle!

We’re Winners in The Gin Guide Awards 2020!!

Henstone Distillery - winners at the Gin Guide AwardsYou can see all the winners on The Gin Guide Awards 2020 site. 

In Summary:

Henstone London Dry Gin: was a Winner in the London Dry Gin category; was a Winner in the Traditional Gin Over 42% category; and Won Best in Britain 2020 in the International category

Henstone Rosé Gin: was a Winner in the Aged Gin category

Henstone Navy Gin: was Highly Commended in the Navy Strength category

And finally, as a distillery we won Distillery Of The Year 2020

Henstone Distillery Navy Gin Wins Silver Medal

Our Henstone Navy Gin won a Silver Medal in the London Spirits Competition 2020!

The London Spirits Competition state that “In contrast to other spirits competitions, where distilling ability and technical expertise sometimes receive primary consideration at the expense of drinkability, the goal of the London Spirits Competition was to award and celebrate the spirits that spirits drinkers actually want to buy, whether at a retail store or ordering off the menu at a London restaurant.”

Henstone Navy Gin Bottle beside London Spirits Competition Silver Medal

“The authority that an award from the London Spirits Competition brings, comes from the power of being judged across quality, value and appearance, the high quality of the judges and the intensely competitive product set. We are extremely delighted that our Henstone Navy Gin performed so well.” said Chris Toller. “This Silver medal demonstrates that we are making the types of spirits that bar managers and mixologists want to use and spirits drinkers enjoy choosing and drinking.”

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UK based distillery producing Gin, Whisky, Vodka and Brandy

Established in 2017

Following years of planning we got our distillery up and running in 2017. Our aim is and always will be to produce high quality spirits for discerning drinkers. Please take a look around our site and learn about us, our products and techniques and of course, where you can buy our fabulous spirits.

As a gin distillery we brought our first product to market in March 2018 and have won some great awards since.

Our whisky production commenced in December 2017. We filled our very first barrel with new make spirit in January 2018! We’ve been busy filling lots more barrels since and now look forward to our very first batch being bottled in January 2021. We hope you can celebrate this event with us.

From the start we planned to produce a ‘British Bourbon’ and achieved this on 28 January 2020 when we launched our Old Dog Corn Liquor This was a limited batch of 300 bottles and is now almost sold out! The next batch has been distilled and is maturing but it will not be available for quite a few months. So if you’re interested in a bottle from the first batch please get in touch as soon as you can. 

Interested in learning how we produce our spirits? We now have a tour package available….please click here for details: TOURS

Do have a browse of our site and let us know if you have any questions/comments……

Before going further though have a look at Hilda, our 1000 litre pot/column hybrid still built for us by Kothe of Eislingen, Germany. We’re using her to create Whisky, Gin, Brandy, Vodka and Old Dog Corn Liquor – see our product pages for details.
Our 1000 litre still, Hilda

We hope to hear from you soon and if you have any comments and/or questions about us or our website please do get in touch CLICK HERE TO CONTACT

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Henstone Distillery is part funded by the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development
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