Our Henstone Distillery products portfolio continues to grow and we’re very proud of them all. We now have WhiskyGinNonpareilVodkaOld Dog Corn Liquor and Rum available by the bottle most of the time (some subject to availability). We also sell whisky by the cask with our Cask Ownership Scheme product – just drop us a line at info@henstonedistillery.com if you’re interested and would like further details. If you are interested in learning more about us and how we produce our products why not come on a tour! The individual product pages listed below provide more details of each.

We are also working on a range of branded clothing and glassware – details of both of these will be available soon.


We are also very grateful to our ‘Founders’ who have supported us from the start. You can find out about the founder categories we had/have and who has participated by clicking the button below.




If you are interested in purchasing online you can visit our shop page by clicking the button below. Alternatively drop in and see us or visit one of the growing number of retail outlets stocking our products. If in doubt about where you can buy please don’t hesitate to get in touch!